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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Fundraiser Program.

If you have other questions that are not addressed, please feel free to contact us.

Q. How do I start a fundraiser?

A. Click here to register to start a fundraiser. If you wan to speak with someone about your campaign, please contact us today!

Q. How much does it cost to start a fundraiser?

A. There are no upfront costs to you to start a fundraiser with us. Once you are registered and ready to get started, we provide 

materials for each participant (seller):
*Order forms
*Money envelopes

*Customized parent letter outlining sale dates and incentives (if applicable).

Q. Do I have to pay additional fees?

A. There are shipping fees attached to each order. Those fees are dependent upon the order total for your group. Those fees shall not exceed $250.00. You can find the exact fees in the Chairperson Guide inside of the Fundraiser Package.

Q. What products are available for purchase during a fundraiser?

A. Every product that is available through our website is available in our Fundraising Catalog. 


Q. How much profit does my Organization get?

A. Profit is dependent upon how much your Organization sells. It also depends on your group's participation and motivation. You can view our profit chart to get a more precise idea.

Q. How long does a fundraiser last?

A. A fundraiser can last up to 3 weeks in some rare cases. The most common fundraiser lasts 2 weeks. We recommend giving your campaign 2 weeks minimum. 

Q. Can our supporters place orders online?

A. Yes. We know that most people don't carry cash and just prefer to shop online. They can shop on our website and at checkout they will be asked for your Fundraising Support Identification Number. From there, we will know who to give the profit from those orders to.

Q. How does the payment and profit work?

A. Once your campaign has ended and all orders are tallied, you will send us the order forms. You will receive an invoice that should be paid immediately. Once you pay your invoice, you will keep the profit. Your invoice will spell out your profit, order totals, shipping charges, and state tax (if applicable). Payments should be made by check, money order or debit/credit card. There is a 2.9% processing fee for debit/credit card payments. You must contact us directly for direct deposit if you prefer that method.

Q. How do I qualify for tax-exemption?

A. To be exempt from state taxes, you must have business registered in your state under a 501(c) status of the Internal Revenue Service Code. These businesses are mainly non-profit organizations who are organized and recognized for purposes other than generating profit. The means and resources acquired through these businesses are not for the personal use or development of it's owners, members or directors. Non-profit organizations include public schools, churches, public charities, museums, labor unions, volunteer services organizations, legal aid societies, and hospitals just to name a few. 

Q. What if someone wants to return a product?

A. Returns are accepted by contacting customer service. Returns must be authorized. This is explained more in the Chairperson Guide.

Q. What if items arrive broken or missing?

A. If items are broken or missing, one should fill out a Claims Form for the broken or missing items. All claims will be investigated and resolved.

Q. How do we get people to purchase from us?

A. There are tons of ways to get people to purchase from your group. You should be constantly promoting your cause to your affiliates, current supporters and potential supporters. You can advertise and solicit your fundraiser in person to family, friends, close neighbors and associates. You should also use social media and email marketing. Sellers should never go door to door. There are more specific ways to advertise your campaign in the Chairperson Guide.

Q. When should the money be collected from customers?

A. All money should be collected from customers immediately upon them placing an order. A dozen things can go wrong if you do not collect the money upfront. 

Q. Do we have to sort our own orders?

A. Orders will come sorted in groups and with students names on them.