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How It Works?

Register Your Fundraiser

You can Register Online at your convenience 24 hours a day. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us so we can help guide you through the registering process. 


Get Approved & Receive Your Materials

Once you/your organization gets approved to host a fundraiser, you will receive your fundraising materials in the mail. Each seller in your organization will receive a catalog with over 60 products, an order form and additional information needed for a successful fundraiser. (Chairperson will receive all necessary information and procedures).


Start Selling

Sellers will start to collect orders and payments. During this time, you should keep your group activated by setting goals, actively promoting, and making frequent notices for a successful fundraiser. We recommend aggressively selling for 2-3 weeks.


Wrap It Up!

At the end of your campaign, all the orders should be tallied to confirm that the money collected is accurate and order forms are complete. This process may take up to a week. During this time, you will still be receiving late orders and cashing all checks addressed to your Organization.


Submit Orders

Order forms should be collected and shipped back to us in the pre-paid Fed Ex, UPS or USPS envelop provided. DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH ORDER FORMS!!! All monies and checks from the fundraiser should be deposited into your Organization’s bank account. Any checks collected by participating sellers should be made payable to and cashed by your Organization. Once we receive and process all orders for your Organization, we will send over the invoice via email within five [5] days of receipt. All invoices should be paid immediately upon receipt. Invoices can be paid by check, money order or Visa/MasterCard. There will be a 1% processing charge for Visa/MasterCard payments.


Product Delivery

Orders will be delivered directly to your group/organization. To ensure a smooth delivery, you should have volunteers readily available in your accessible delivery area. There should be enough volunteers to cover the amount of items sold. We recommend securing one volunteer for every 80 items sold. 


*Shipping charges apply and are based on the value amount of total orders. Sales taxes will be applied unless tax-exempt documentation is provided and valid.

On-Site Fundraising

On-Site Fundraising requires our company to come and set up at your already organized event. During that time, supporters of your Fundraising Event can purchase products from our company. Purchases will be tracked and counted. Your organization will receive a percentage of all calculated purchases during your event. That profit percentage is based on the value of purchases received. It could take up to 48 hours for you to receive your profit from the event, however, it could be sooner. Please fill out the registry or contact us to inquire about On-Site Fundraising.

Why a J'aroma Fundraiser?

Great Profit Potential

You are allowed to sell as many products as you like in order to reach your monetary goal. The more products you sell, the more profit you earn. 

Superior Customer Service

We will support you and/or your organization in reaching whatever your fundraising goals are. We are here every step of the way to answer any questions you may have as well as help you with your fundraiser schedule and provide you with tips to help you have a successful fundraiser. 

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to quality products and customer satisfaction. All of our products are made by hand from the best quality ingredients. We are certain that you’ll love fundraising with us. Your supporters are our priority and we are also certain that they will love our products. Read some of our reviews here

FREE Selling Materials

There are no upfront costs to start a fundraiser with us. After you register, you/your organization will receive catalogs and order forms free of charge. We also offer a free prize packages to organizations with 100 or more participating sellers.

Easy-to-Follow Program

This Fundraising Program is EASY. You just let the products sell and get paid. When you receive the selling materials, you will receive a detailed Chairperson Guide. This booklet will spell out every single step needed to complete and have a successful fundraiser.

Who Can Fund Raise?

The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise funds to reach a monetary goal to support a cause, organization, or purpose. If money is stopping you or your organization from reaching closer to your achievable goals, starting a fundraiser is for you. Costs are always the primary constraint on accomplishing an important goal. Most Organizations work with a budget and a lot of times, it causes them to go without certain things or activities when they are not afforded. When groups decide to participate in Fundraising with us, in the end, there's a sense of entitlement because there was work put in and every dollar was earned and not funded. We work with a variety of for-profit and non-profit groups to help raise money to achieve their goals. No group is too big or too small. If you or your organization have a goal that you need to reach, Register to start a fundraiser today!


  • Elementary/Middle/High School Fundraiser

  • College/Soroity Fundraiser

  • Sports/Cheerleading Team Fundraiser

  • Non-Profit Organization Fundraiser

  • Disease Awareness Fundraiser

  • Charity Fundraiser

  • Girl/Boy Scouts Fundraiser

  • Church Group Fundraiser

  • Family Reunion Fundraiser

  • Special Causes Fundraiser

  • Medical Research Fundraiser

  • Family Support Fundraiser

  • Recreational Club Fundraiser

  • Individual Fundraiser